MSU SBDC CyberSecurity

The Mississippi State University Small Business Development Center CyberSecurity (MSU-SCS) project is focused on developing and deploying initiatives to support businesses in several key areas for data protection:

  • Securing the intellectual property of businesses
  • Understanding and preparing for potential effects of disruptions in day-to-day operations
  • Creating cybersecurity plans to protect online sales, marketing, and online distribution and delivery of products and services
  • Establishing secure work environments for teleworking and business operations
Due to COVID-19 businesses have had to shift their operations and sales to the online environment. In order to assure the survival, growth, and sustained ability of these businesses as they increasingly rely on digital commerce and virtual operations, it is essential that they understand and implement strong cybersecurity practices. This work will be essential to small businesses and the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Mississippi during the recovery, resiliency, and reinvention phases of small businesses that have been adversely affected by the challenge of COVID-19.

MSU-SBDC CyberSecurity was created by resources from the CARES Act secured by the University of Mississippi through the Mississippi Small Business Development Center. Mississippi State University has been contracted to implement the initiatives outlined above.