MSU SBDC CyberSecurity

MSU SBDC Cybersecurity Certificate of Completion

MSU-SCS is focused on providing value by offering guidance on how to satisfy basic cybersecurity practices. To assist with this, we are offering a certificate for those that complete our MSU SBDC Cybersecurity 101 Video Series:

  • Introduction to Basic Cyber Hygiene
  • Cybersecurity and Data Protection, Part 1
  • Cybersecurity and Data Protection, Part 2
For those that finish this 3-part video series and provide proof of completion, our team will give additional documents that will assist a business to address the practices for CMM Level 1. We will provide our Guidebook which describes each of the 17 practices in CMM Level 1 and gives examples as well as leading questions on how to make sure each practice is covered. Also, those that complete this series will receive our Policy Workbook that lays the foundation for a business owner to write their own policies according to the CMM Level 1 practices.

At the end of each video there will be an ending slide where participants will need to pause the video and take a screen shot. Once proof from the end of all three videos is collected, attach them to an email and send to our Team Lead with the title “[First and Last Name] MSU SBDC Cybersecurity 101 Series Completion”. An example email subject line would be “Jane Doe MSU SBDC Cybersecurity 101 Series Completion”. Once we have received this proof of attendance, we will email you the following items:

  • Certificate of completion
  • Guidebook
  • Policy Workbook
The certificate for our 3-part series is not a CMM certification, but a tool to provide information and knowledge.

MSU SBDC Cybersecurity is not a certifying body, has no affiliation with the CMMC Accreditation Board (CMMC-AB), and this is not considered a CMMC certification.

Contact Information

Charles “Chip” Templeton
Team Lead
Phone: (662) 325-8684