Morris Leads Team on Computer Software Work

October 14, 2014

Tommy Morris, associate director of the Distributed Analytics and Security Institute (DASI) and associate professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, lead a team of students and researchers to develop a Relay Settings Automation (RSA) program for Entergy Corp. Morris served as principle investigator of the project.

With this software, a process that takes four to six hours to complete manually can be performed electronically in less than a minute. The team has worked on RSA for two years, progressing from idea and proof-of-concept to production and software release.

Before the creation of RSA, engineers would run hundreds of short circuit simulations and manually record the results, an error-prone process. Then, they would choose the best settings to solve the problems when they occurred. By automating the process, RSA ensures the same relay-setting process is followed every time. The automated process also prevents human error, which leads to a more reliable electric grid, prevents power outages, and potentially saves Entergy millions of dollars. RSA also allows Entergy to document how the settings were chosen and which ones were used to provide accurate data for regulatory audits.

RSA team members included: Travis Green, a senior in computer engineering, Srilalita Neti, a 2013 graduate student of electrical and computer engineering, electrical and computer engineering graduate student, Jeff Hsu, Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems research associates Angie Card and Greg Henley; Quinton Grice, a graduate student in electrical and computer engineering; Joseph Johnson, a senior in electrical engineering; computer engineering senior Stefan Lewis; Mike Mazzola, professor and endowed chair of electrical and computer engineering.

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