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Scholarly Publications

Below are recent publications by members of the OSIL team. Team members are bolded.

Henkel, Zach, Cindy Bethel, Kenna Baugus, and David C. May. 2019. User Expectations of Privacy in Robot Assisted Therapy Paladyn: Journal of Behavioral Robotics, 10, 140-159. Document Link

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Potter, Michael (2016). Reconciling Ethical Asymmetry in Agency Oversight: Striving for Eudaimonia among Legislative Staff in West Virginia. Global Virtue Ethics Review. 7, 2.  Document Link

Potter, Michael (2016). Stimulus Spending. Chapter in Today’s Economic Issues: Democrats and Republicans , submitted to ABC-CLIO Academic Press.

Potter, Michael (2016). Tax Cuts. Chapter in Today’s Economic Issues: Democrats and Republicans, submitted to ABC-CLIO Academic Press.

Potter, Michael (2016). Is it Regulatory Capture or Capital? Exploring the Linkages Between Social Capital and Regulatory Effectiveness Among U.S. Bank and Credit Union Regulators. Chapter in CAPITAL SOCIAL EN MÉXICO Y ESTADOS UNIDOS Refl exiones e investigación, ed. Published by Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla Press.

Forthcoming and Under Review
Stokes, Ethan, Stacy Haynes, Amy Burdette, and David May. 2020. Punishing the Wrongdoers: The Effects of Religiosity on Punitive Attitudes toward Adults and Juveniles. Forthcoming in Sociological Focus.

Lambert, Eric, Linda Keena, Stacy Haynes, David May, Rosemary Ricciardelli, and Matthew Leone. 2019. Testing a Path Model of Organizational Justice and Correctional Staff Job Stress. Forthcoming in Criminal Justice and Behavior.

Lambert, Eric, Stacy Haynes, Linda Keena, David May, and Matthew Leone. 2019. Research Note: The Effects of Organizational Justice Variables on Job Involvement among Southern Prison Staff. Forthcoming in the Journal of Crime and Justice.

Lambert, Eric, Linda Keena, Matthew Leone, David May, and Stacy Haynes. 2019. Wanting a Fair Work Experience: Exploring the Effects of Distributive and Procedural Justice on Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment among Staff Working at an Unusual Southern Prison. Forthcoming in Social Science Journal.

Lambert, Eric, Linda Keena, Stacy Haynes, David C. May, and Matthew Leone. 2019. Predictors of Job Stress among Southern Correctional Staff. Forthcoming in Criminal Justice Policy Review

Lambert, Eric, Linda Keena, David C. May, and Stacy Haynes. 2017. To Be Committed or Not: Examining Effects of Personal and Workplace Variables on the Organizational Commitment of Southern Prison Staff. Forthcoming in Criminal Justice Studies, 30(3).

Raymond E. Barranco, Nicole E. Rader, and Maria Trinh. "Tickets Sales and Violent Content in Popular Movies." Forthcoming in Deviant Behavior.

Olejarski Amanda, Mike Potter, and Robert L. Morrison. Organizational Learning in the Public Sector: Culture, Politics, Performance, and Information-Sharing. Forthcoming in Public Integrity.

Sinclair, H. C., Stubbs-Richardson, M., Ellithorpe, C. E., Nelson, S., and Utley, J. W. (under review). Identifiable Impact: Consequences of identity-based bullying in high school. Self and Identity.